Procedure: How to Change Address in Bank Account

  1. Banks send documents like account statement, cheque books and so on to the address you have provided. If there is a change in address provided to your bank while opening an account it is important to notify your bank of the change.
  1. If you use internet banking you can log in with your user id and click on Service Request and then on the tab for changing communication address.
  2. If this is not possible most banks these days have standard form for change in address.
  3. Some banks might need an application written. Here's how you can go about it. Write an application addressed to the Branch Manager of your bank and indicate subject as 'Change of Residential Address'. Indicate your name and account number and name of branch. In one line request for change of address in bank records to your new address. Put the old address and new address below. Indicate that you are enclosing proof of new address. Place your signature in the end.
  4. Enclose proof of new address (utility bills, credit card or other identity documents having new address, rental agreement etc) and photocopies along with the form.

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